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NYPL LIVE: Fall 2014 Season Tickets are on Sale

In chronological order:

Ben Lerner | Paul Holdengräber
Bio: Fulbright Scholar and author of Leaving the Atocha Station
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

Joseph O'Neill | Hal Foster
Bio of Joseph O'Neill: Cullman Center Fellow and author of The Dog
Bio of Hal Foster: Townsend Martin Class of 1917 Professor of Art & Archaeology at Princeton University and winner of the Clark Prize and the Frank Jewett Mather Award
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

Alexei Ratmansky | Paul Holdengräber
Bio: Born in St. Petersburg and trained at the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow; performed with and choreographed for some of the world’s greatest ballet companies, including American Ballet Theater and the Bolshoi Ballet and author of Dreams of Japan
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

Michael Ignatieff | Paul Holdengräber
Bio: Centennial Chair at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York and the Edward R. Murrow Professor of the Practice of Politics and the Press at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and author of Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics (2013)
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

Marjane Satrapi | Paul Holdengräber
Bio: Author of Persepolis and preview of her new film The Voices
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2014, 8 - 10 P.M.

Bryan Stevenson | Sister Helen Prejean
Bio of Bryan Stevenson: Public Interest Lawyer, Professor at NYU Law School, and Founder of Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), and author of Just Mercy
Bio of Sister Helen Prejean, author of

Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty
(movie with Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn)
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

George Clinton | Paul Holdengräber
Bio: Recorded as Parliament-Funkadelic, "revolutionized R&B during the ’70s," received a grammy for Grammy, a Dove (gospel), author of his memoir, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You?
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

[SOLD OUT]: Neil Gaiman | Paul Holdengräber
Bio: Author of Coraline and The Graveyard Book
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

Tehran Noir | Tel Aviv Noir
Multiple authors: Etgar Keret, Gina B. Nahai, Salar Abdoh, Assaf Gavron
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

William Gibson | James Gleick (attended this event last year, and it's worth every penny)
Bio of William Gibson: Recipient of Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award and Science Fiction author of Neuromancer
Bio of James Gleick: Finalist for the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize, and author of biographies, Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman and Isaac Newton
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.
He autographed by copy of Pattern Recognition

Robert B. Silvers Annual Lecture: Joyce Carol Oates
Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_Carol_Oates
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.

Salman Rushdie | Marlon James (attended this event a couple of years ago, and it's worth every penny)
Bio of Salman Rushdie: 2008 Library Lion and author of The Enchantress of Florence
Bio of Marlon James: Recipient of awards 2010 Dayton Literary Peace Prize and Minnesota Book Award, and author of The Book of Night Women
MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2014, 7 - 9 P.M.


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