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Mobile Apps Review

Unblock Me
I saw this teenager play this engaging game of blocks on the N-train bound for Queens. I had to ask her what she was playing, and found out it was a game titled "Unblock Me." Let me say that this game was really addicting. I played a few rounds, requesting help, but then started over again. The objective of the game is clear a horizontal path so that the red block can exit the screen.

After I completed the 22nd round, there was still very cool interstitial promo that appeared from Red Envelope.

Then at the 42nd round, I received another interstitial promo. At this moment, I decided to play until round 66 to see if I can see another promo. I was also feeling pretty comfortable with the game, and trying to master each puzzle round in less than a minute. When I came to round 66, there was no interstitial promo, so I kept playing several rounds until 106th, and still there wasn't any interstitial promo. Then I scanned through my screenshots, and discovered I played for approximately 70 minutes.

The second app I found was on Facebook, and it is titled Poshmark. Basically, it is an app where people can sell their trendy couture fashion, but it has an Instagram and eBay/Craigslist flair, but is a much nicer experience. The other great thing is that there are curated "parties." I posted a couple of items, and today, I received an invite to a party tomorrow night via the app. Very cool. Also, prices are much cheaper than Gilt. And most of the items are one-of-a-kind since they are second-hand.

I am adding that at one of the parties, I read a comment about the insecure financial transactions. I am wondering if they something secure, such as wepay.com or paypal.com.


A not so nice experience. From a recommendation from a friend, I tried this app. I had problems with login, similar to the NBC Olympics app. In the NBC Olympics app, I tried to watch the opening ceremonies, and then when they asked for my cable provider, I deleted and gave it a 1-star rating because this should be free. For example, if I owned a tv, I would be able to watch the ceremonies on one of the free channels. However, asking for information about my cable provider is none of their business.

At first, I saw the Colbert and The Daily Show Network, which prompted me to sign into Facebook. But I could not access any shows and didn't know what this app was about. I then tried signing in by selecting Time Warner, and the same thing happened. So, I am going to delete this and give it a 1-star rating because I couldn't get through login/registration (very annoying). It is unfortunate because I really like Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show, but I can always access their content directly through the web — much bigger screen too!


I am surprised that Apple approved this app.



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