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Laptop Case Prototype

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to ITP's Women Entrepreneurs Festival, and met amazing and inspirational people. This week, I decided to "make" again. That's what we do at ITP.

For the past couple of weeks, I have not found a decent laptop case that I liked. I tried Ted Baker (which resulted in a store credit), Amazon, B&H, Apple, Etsy, etc. They were either to bulky, not protective enough, not constructed well, etc. I am very picky when it comes to these details. So, I decided to create my own prototype with some leftover material I purchased at ITP for this project . In fact, I don't even know where that fabric went. Not having a sewing machine was a big damper, but I am doing this project the Agile way. I basically cut material, and marked it with green thread (because I don't have chalk), and since I can't find my spool of black thread, I decided to pass the project onto a "developer" so to say, lol. That developer being Jeanne Dry Cleaners. I have been going to the tailor there for a couple of years, and she does an awesome job with construction. This developer doesn't speak any English, all Korean (and she kind of reminds me of my mom).

In any case, I showed the owner what I wanted, and he actually had a couple of ideas of his own. The tailor was starting to get nervous that she kept saying in Korean, that she won't work on this project... Typical Korean culture (if they can't do it perfectly, then they won't take the project on). But in Agile methodology, you're suppose to produce and throw a prototype, and it's okay to make mistakes (at least I told her).

I just told the owner that I just want the thread to act like glue so she doesn't have to sew the edges. He offered, but asking the cost, he said it was the same price, so I agreed. In fact, the folds were messed up, that he suggested to fold the batting into thirds. I just agreed, and told him that I wanted it in exact measurements, to which the tailor came over with her ruler. I will see the results of this Agile-physical-project on Tuesday evening.

When the owner asked the cost, I was able to barter the cost from $28 to $23 because it "didn't have to be perfect." So I guess Agile saved me $5.



If this comes out, I might make some cases for my other devices:


This diagram illustrates Agile Methodology:
Credit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Last, if you are interested in taking Agile/UX classes, I found one $20 (original price is $100 on Skillshare), but it starts tomorrow. Even $100 is a good deal because I have seen costs anywhere between $150-$1300 (for full certification).

Here is a glimpse of the class (~ 1882 students):


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