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Maker Faire 2011 is happening this weekend

Maker Faire 2011 is happening this weekend at the New York Hall of Science:

Here are all the ITP projects:
Minu Bae '11 Smartymote
Marco Cosio '10 Bus Roots
Alvin Chang '12 Swim Rehab

Michael Martinez-Campos '11 Swim Rehab

Christine Doempke '12 Swim Rehab
Nelson Ramon '12 In the wind

Michell Cardona '12 In the wind
Matt Parker ‘09 Lumarca
Tom Igoe ’97 Making Things Talk (and Listen)
Gabriela Gutierrez ’12 Miniature Motorized Mechanical Circus
Sofy Yuditskaya ’11 Projected Realities

Tamar Ziv ’11 Projected Realities
Gabriella Levine ’11 Protei
Gabriella Levine ’11 ByteLight
John Schimmel ‘06 RAMPS - Wheelchair DJ

Wlodek Koss ’06 RAMPS - Wheelchair DJ
Benedetta Piantella ‘08 Open Source Development Platforms

Justin Downs ‘08 Open Source Development Platforms
Matt Richardson ’13 Enough Already: Silencing Celebs with Arduino
Jennifer Shannon ’12 MIRD: Meditative Ionizing-Radiation Detector
Mustafa Bagdatli ‘10 Tangible Lights
Emily Webster ‘12 Tangible Lights

Genevieve Hoffman ‘12 Tangible Lights

Joshua Goldberg ’01 Gon KiRin

Cassandra Marshall ‘05 Gon KiRin
Catarina Mota ‘00 FabriCulture

John Dimatos ‘09 MakerBot Industries, Community Business Development
Paul Rothman ’10 littleBits
Jaymes Dec ‘08 Choreograph a Well-Armed Militia!
Yury Gitman ‘02 Pulse Sensor: Heart-Rate Beats Per Minute for Arduino
Sean McIntyre ‘13 Choscillator
Jonah Brucker-Cohen ‘00 Scrapyard Challenge Workshops

Katherine Moriwaki ‘01 Scrapyard Challenge Workshops

ITP Cafe Schedule

10:30 AM Cardboard Construction Chi Ka ‘11
12:00 PM Sensing with Arduino Tom Igoe ’97 & Julio Terra ‘11
1:30 PM Intro to Processing Jer Thorp (Adjunct)
3:00 PM Soft Circuits Catarina Mota ‘00
4:30 PM Intro to Kinect Hacking Greg Borenstein ‘11

10:30 AM Screen Printing Emily Webster ‘12
12:00 PM Biofeedback Julio Terra ’11 & Mustafa Bagdatli ‘10
1:30 PM Posters in Processing Rune Madsen ‘11
3:00 PM Organic Circuits Patricia Adler ‘11
4:30 PM Wind Power Michaela Cardona ‘12 & Nelson Ramon ‘12


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