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October 2, 2010

My iTunes Experience

I am seriously disappointed with the way iTunes Support handles problems. It reminds me of the way eBay/PayPal handled problems, where the user fills out a email form, and you get a response in 48 hours. Sometimes the email responses are written in a form letter, and are unclear, therefore, I have to log back unto iTunes Support, and fill out another email form.... which is tedious. I ended up killing my accounts on eBay and PayPal, and that was back in the 90's.

I somewhat understand these cost-cutting issues because of our economy. However, there are more current ways to address these customer support. I like the way Amazon and Overstock deal with troubleshooting some of these problems. Both of these sites handle pure online transactions, and I have been a longstanding customer with both (at least 9 years).

Amazon takes the user to a page and allows the user to enter their telephone number into a form box. This is such a nice feature:

Overstock offers chat help. I've only had to use this option once. It made such a difference with customer support:

In any case, I have relegated to uninstall iTunes on my work computer and not buy iTunes cards because of this experience, which is sad. Are there any other iPad book/music stores out there? Or maybe that is what the Android tablet will offer (supposedly coming out in November).

CFDA Fashion Book

I was happy to see my work in this book. It was published two years ago, but nevertheless, I am happy and thankful that it lives in print and that Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) was involved. I thought Art Tavee did an amazing job photographing the bracelets.

Candy Pratts Price, Jessica Glasscock, Art Tavee, American Fashion Accessories CFDA (Assouline, 2008) 260-269.





Bryant Park Concert Series, New York

For most of August and September, Bryant Park and PBS hosted classical concert series. I hope they do it again next year.


In this video, I think the quartet is from the Orchestra of St. Luke:

More music in parks... Please :)

This past June, NYC installed pianos is parks (Play Me I'm Yours and Sing For Hope). I visited several parks, and had lunch everyday at one. It was great seeing talented people collaborate. I discovered that there are so many talented musicians in New York City (more than average).



This young lady improvised to classical music (left) and to jazz music (right).

Experimental Architecture in Union Square

In September, Union Square hosted an experimental architecture exhibition. One of the structures used cardboard signs from the homeless.





October 14, 2010

Linkedin Improvement

Thought this module was cool, which offers an infographic/stats on the number of visits or appearances in search. I think this is probably the one reason why I keep visiting their site.


October 26, 2010

More tablets news...

JooJoo, Samsung and HP are going to launch tablets. JooJoo and Samsung will run Android, and HP's Slate will run Windows. The difference is that Slate is supposedly comparable to the MacBook Air in tablet format.

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