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CNN Heroes

Just watched CNN Heroes show that awarded people making a difference. The premise is there were ~9k applicants, but they awarded 10 people $25k, and allowed people to vote for 1 out of the 10 to receive an additional $100k. I thought the award (etched wooden plaque) was interestingly designed (not the black case for the "Hero of the Year" -- looked like a coffin). In any case, I wished CNN awarded more than $25k to all recipients, but they may recieve more money from just the high visibility of this show. Was wondering where Bono was.

These were the people who made a difference (in the order of CNN's presentation of awards):

Doc Hendley
Bringing clean water to devoloping countries.

Roy Foster
Aids homeless veterans a second chance (was formerly homeless and veteran himself).

Efren PeƱaflorida
Pushcart classes so kids can be interested in education rather than gangs.

Jordan Thomas
Provides proesthetics to amputees 18 and under (mostly shyed away from Health insurance companies).

Betty Makoni
Women's Rights Advocate (Counciling Women who have been raped--Probably the most disturbing story is health rumor that men can cure HIV by raping virgins).

Derrick Tabb
Started a music ed afterschool program (teach and form bands) in New Orleans for poverished. I also read about how successful music ed program is in NY school (if interested, read Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers).

Jorge Munoz
Drives a bus during the day, and at night prepares and delivers homemade meals to unemployed people in New York.

Brad Blauser
Provides wheelchairs for Iraqi kids so they are empowered with mobility. Also aids parents too.

Budi Soehardl
Budi is a pilot, but he also started an orphanage in Indonesia. They have 49 kids.

Andrea Ivory
Provides mammograms to uninsured women for early detection of breast cancer. If you see her dress at the awards show, the bustier part of the dress (I think) signifies the pink ribbon of breast cancer.


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