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February 18, 2009

Lawrence Lessig, Shepard Fairey and Steven Johnson at NYPL next Thursday...

I am so lucky that I got tickets for this event. I have probably seen Lawrence Lessig (founder of Creative Commons) talk twice before. Steven Johnson spoke in Red Burn's class at ITP in 2005, and co-founded the community site [www.outside.in]. Also, he is coming out with a new book titled The Invention of Air. Just from the title, I can see how it's relevant to Lessig and Fairey. Here is the video of him talking about his new book. I've also been a big fan of Shepard Fairey's works since Obey. All three will be at this event, hosted by NYPL, and co-sponsored by Wired magazine.

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding Shepard Fairey (known for the popular Hope posters depicting Barack Obama and Obey). Apparently Fairey is being sued by AP Reuters for referencing a photo he used for the Hope poster. Read the article from Wired magazine.

Photo Credit: Boing Boing

Milton Glaser writes his point of view on this matter in Boing Boing. Milton Glaser designed the Bob Dylan album cover, and was popular for his "I ♥ NY" identity.

What I think is interesting is all these remixes of Fairey's works. You can see people using Fairey's style and aesthetic for the Hope poster on their Facebook profile, but instead of Obama, it's them. Here is an article from Wired magazine of fans of the movie Dark Knight using Fairey's style on a photo Heath Ledger's Joker.


If you like Shepard Fairey's works from Obey. You may like Robbie Canal as well. He did a lot of posters of political figures.

Lightwave '09, Part IV

I'm back from Ireland, but wanted to complete blogging about these other projects:

Cell Phone Disco
By Ursula Lavrencic & Auke Touslager, Netherlands
There's a grid of red LED lights. When you use your cellphone, this grid senses the electromagnetic waves of your phone, which randomly blinks.

Laser Theremin
By Bálint Bolygó, UK
The interactive laser projector acts like a musical theremin.

By Chris O'Shea & Cinimod Studio
Investigates machine surveillance. As you walk through this maze, beacons light up and follow you.

The Magic Torch
By Alberto Garcia Saenz & Julio Obelleiro, Spain
Use a flashlight to play games projected onto a wall.

By Andrew Bucksbarg, USA
Polyphonic "mobispheres" which also light as the user interacts with them.

EOD04: Probing the Intangible Inaudible Invisible

By Frederik De Wilde, Belgium
Using LED lights to tracks the electric waves of a fish.

The Neuron Chamber
By Aan Rorie, Ben Carpenter, Jo Slota & David Shulman
A sculpture that acts like your brain, which shows the process of synapses.

By Tim Redfern, Ireland
Giant kaleidoscope projecting tectonic recordings into fractals.

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