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Bodies Exhibition, South Street Seaport

I visited this exhibition today despite the controversy and ethical concerns of the bodies used. The admissions is quite hefty, but it was worth every penny. The most amazing part of the exhibition is the pulmonary room (i.e. arteries/veins). The technique of stripping and injecting the arteries and veins with silicon and preserving them in place with formaldehyde and water is pretty amazing. I was fascinated with the lungs because although they appear symmetrically similar in tissue, they are not. The right lung has more arteries or red vessels than the left one.

Lots of interesting facts that stuck with me...

-there are 16 muscles in the tongue
-babies have 300 bones while adults have 206
-the heart can squirt blood at least 30 feet
-there are about 60k miles of blood vessels
-the body shrinks because the bones dehydrate over years
-the kidney can filter 2 liters of blood in a minute
-one pack of cigarettes takes approximately 3 hours of your life
-eating breakfast helps memory


My goal will be to eliminate soda out of my life and drink water. On the topic of health, New York Magazine, has a great segment on breakfast, and the page layout for cereal has a cool design. I checked the rating for a couple of cereals, and they were right on target (i.e. Whole Foods strawberry rice crispies looks tasty, but is awful--in my mind I thought it would taste like strawberry crunchberries from the Captain Crunch series without the corn puffs, but it doesn't). Love the information visualization and cultural study on what people eat for breakfast. One lady ate organic eggs with Budlight beer. Amazing!


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