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Apple's Leopard Operating System

I would wait to buy Leopard. Apparently they released it on Friday, and they didn't have tech support on Saturday.

According to Nick:


Glad I didn't buy it and install it. Nick has to reinstall all of his programs again, and reconfigure his Ruby on Rails. Almost a 2 day process. I think they need to realize that people's time is worth $$$. Wow, I'm becoming disenchanted in with Apple.

Last December I went to the Apple store because I had Apple Care, and I distinctly remember the woman standing next to me who brought her laptop in to get if fixed. She admitted to the "Apple Geniuses" that she might have spilled some coffee on it, and ten minutes later, the Apple Genius voided her Apple Care. Her computer was less than a year old, and she purchased Apple Care at the time of her purchase (learned from her experience to wait to buy Apple Care after the first year). Then the Apple Genius proceeded to go on with a story about how another guy brought his computer in, and they found a whole Dorito chip in the keypad, which I didn't think was helping his situation with this woman. Then she took out her iPod Shuffle, and asked him to look at it. And he started to ask these questions like "do you use a case when you exercise with this?" because if your sweat affects this Shuffle , he has to void the warranty on that as well. And she said "yes," but he mentioned there were rust marks. I could tell this lady was getting really irate.

I haven't bought any Apple products since DVD Studio Pro 4 came out. I had DVD Studio Pro 2, and there was a file that was consistently working until 4.0 came out, and then all of a sudden when I wanted to burn it, that file had an error. When I tested that file on someone who had DVD Studio Pro 4, it worked. I thought it was a sneaky way to force people to buy the new version. Anyway, I think Apple has grown so big that they're starting to neglect their customers.

Poor Nick, he's starting to bang his computer.


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