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Yahoo Food Site

I just recently found this site and I have to say I really like it. Now that I have some time (life after grad school), I can really enjoy culinary arts from an amateur's perspective. It really accommodates all levels of cooks. You can sort recipes by culture, ingredients, occasion, diet, taste, method (e.g. boiling, grilling, etc.), time-sensitive, health. and recommendation (I try to find recipes with 4 or more stars and with more than 5 ratings). Each dish has nutritional information, which is helpful to diabetics or people with higher cholesterol. Sometimes when I read the Martha Stewart Living Magazine recipes (no offense to Martha, but she's got a whole crew and endless time to prepare and photograph those recipes), I know that it will take either a great amount of time or I will botch the dish up. This site aggregates a lot of recipes from gourmet and/or health sites.

So far I've tried two recipes. The first is a scallop dish (Scallops with Tarragon), which I prepared twice. It's super-simple, but can be quite pricey, but definitely worth it. Follow this recipe to the tee. I tried improvising, and I almost messed it up. I suggest using "sea scallops" from Whole Foods, and fresh tarragon. It tastes good on top of pasta. It just takes 4 or 5 ingredients, and two you have to actually buy because the other three you have. This recipe made me realize the importance of using FRESH herbs. They do make a difference.

The second dish was a potato salad (Warm Sausage-and-Potato salad), which is good as a side. There's room for improvisation here, as I omitted the romaine lettuce, used Italian parsley (flat) instead of the traditional parsley, and used Andouille sausage instead of smoked sausage, such as kielbasa. I wouldn't improvise on the Dijon mustard. Anyway, it was pretty yummy, and didn't take that long to prepare.


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