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Whole Foods "Rustica" is a BARGAIN!

I had my reservations about eating here because I wasn't sure if they were separate from the entity that sells the deli stuff downstairs (rest assure, they're not). I even hesitated to go to the salad bar before settling down at Rustica. This place is a bargain for the food. I went for the brunch special (only offered on the weekends), reasonably priced between $6.99 and $10.99. Tipping is not permitted, even though you want to (awesome service by Samantha [in photo below]). I ordered a frittata with Italian sausage and potatoes, and Nick ordered an open-face sandwich with steak and a poached egg, topped with a dash of balsamic vinegar. Both dishes came with a side of fresh grilled asparagus (perfectly cooked, vibrant green and crunchy). The frittata had the perfect consistency, and the steak was soft. We also tried the brioche. It competes with the Eatery's french toast, which also uses ice cream. You could just tell that the ingredients were of high quality and heavy silverware. The experience was fantastic.

The bread is always awesome there. They have specialized bakers and chefs working here. Joshua [photo below] is a chef that works professionally and knows the hidden secrets to dish delights. When he talks about grains or yucca, you just know you're being taken care of by a creative genius. With 13 years experience and an alumni from Johnson & Wales, he really knows what he's talking about. I would recommend going there when he's there (he's only there until the end of August, before Whole Foods moves him to Miami).

These photos were taken with a mobile (typical that the day I don't bring my camera is when I need it), so it doesn't really give the food justice, but trust me, the food will knock-out your senses.





Rustica Minardi
2nd Floor
Whole Foods
Houston, F, V, B trains


Whole Foods Market Bowery Block Party!
6:00–8:00 p.m.
Start your night off right at Whole Foods Market Bowery's weekly tasting party. Sample the best the store has to offer, try new-to-you products from every department and learn about our faves from near and far.


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