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Los Angeles Carnecerias Sells Really Good Mexican Candies

If you like sour and spicey flavors, I would recommend trying authentic Mexican candies. You can get them at any carniceria (meat market). Most of these candies will make you salivate.


1) Saladitos. These are dried plums, usually either salted or spiced with chili powder. They taste good if you squeeze orange juice or lime juice on them.

2) I'm really not sure what this is called, but this is nutty and sweet tasting.

3) I think this is called "pulpita," but I think I may be wrong. There are two versions of this Tamarind-flavored candy. One is more pulpier with dried plums, and then there is the sugar version of this (the texture is more gritty).

4) I've never had these before, but these really blow my mind. They taste like watermelon gum drops rolled in chili, salt and lime. They are chewier them gum drops (texture is similar to Mike and Ike candies).

5) This is lime, chili and salt powder that you sprinkle on other snacks. It kind of reminds me of an extreme sour version of fun dip candy where you get that sweet stick and dip it into various fruit flavored tart powder).

6) These are suckers that remind you of the L.A. street vendors that sell papaya and mango on a stick dipped in lime juice and chili powder. The two flavors are mango and watermelon with chili powder and lime juice flavors. I remember the corn-shaped and mango-shaped version of these candies. These candies are shaped like a foot. I'm really not sure why, but it's funny. Anyway, I recently gave one of my co-workers this, and he kept on drooling on my desk literally.

The next time I go back to L.A. I think I'm going to do a tour of street vendors. In addition to the papaya and mango slices, some vendors sell grilled corn on sticks doused with mayonnaise, lime, chili, sprinkled with Mexican cheese, tamales, and hot dogs wrapped with bacon. You can find most of them on Western Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.


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