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July 3, 2007

Los Angeles, Shutters on the Beach

This restaurant is a little pricier, but definitely worth it. Actually, the breakfast prices are similar to that of New York's brunch spots. Parking near the beach is always an issue in Santa Monica, but I recommend parking at the restaurant, and stroll over to the pier afterwards.




Lemon ricotta pancakes with berries:

Poached eggs over corned beef hash:

Mushroom omelette with potatoes:

Ham omelette with potatoes:

By the way, I'm talking about the cafe downstairs because they serve breakfast.

Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach and Pier

Shutters is 5 minutes away from the pier. There's a mini-amusement park there. The ferris wheel is highly recommended if you like shooting photographs.


Los Angeles, More Santa Monica Beach and Pier

The merry-go-round rides are a buck a piece. A lot kids have parties here.

Then you must get your fortune told by Madam Estrella. Only a quarter, but beware because sometimes she will tell you your misfortunes as well.


Los Angeles, LACMA

LACMA is the acronym for Los Angeles County Museum of Art. After 5pm, the museum is free, and they close at 8pm. On Sunday afternoons, they play live Latin jazz music. Currently on exhibition is Dan Flavin's works with fluorescent lighting. Anyway, Renzo Piano (they also considered Rem Koolhaas) is redesigning this museum.

I like this kinetic sculpture by George Rickey titled Four Lines Oblique Gyratory—Square made out of stainless steel.


Los Angeles, La Brea Tar Pits

A couple of minutes away from LACMA is the tar pit. Scientists have found a lot of fossils (Ice Age Era, 10,000-40,000 years ago) here. The Page Museum exhibits them.



Vegas in a day and a half, part I

Is Vegas possible to do in a day and a half? I say so. We stayed at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Mystère by Cirque du Soleil is a MUST! Live music, talented acrobats, interactive and comedic performances, beautiful set and costume design. Need I say more? Also, check out the restaurant Isla and/or Phó (I like bypassing the buffets).


Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

Pork Tamales:

Salmon with some unique slaw:

Medium-cooked pork with pumpkin seed mole:

Seafood (red snapper, crab meat, and shrimp) enchilada:

Vegas in a day and a half, part II

Definitely, ask for a room with a view to the Strip. The higher, the better. Here are some photos of the city that never sleeps (or Sin City).





Vegas in a day and a half, part III

The last time I visited Caesar's Palace was when they were remodeling this portion of the Casino, where all the high end shops are located. Btw, take a tram from Treasure Island to the Mirage, and exit and walk over, 5 minutes.

I have never seen curvy escalators before:

A must see, talking statues and laser show:


Vegas in a day and a half, part IV

They also remodeled the Mirage. I didn't remember the garden and Beatles-themed decor before. There are lots of fake deli's out here derived from New York and Los Angeles (Carnegie Deli, Stage Deli, and Canter's Deli).

NOTE: The Cirque du Soleil is playing at many casinos (Caesars Palace, Mirage, and Treasure Island). All of the shows are slightly different. I HIGHLY recommend the one at Treasure Island!





The tigers still lives there. You can also see dolphins for another $15.

Vegas in a day and a half, part V

Driving back, stop at the Whiskey Pete's, Buffalo Bill's and Primm Valley Casino. You can take the monorail from one casino to the others (crosses the I-15). There is an outlet there, more amusement type rides, and more gambling. These casinos mimic Old Vegas (e.g. getting prime rib for $6.95 or steak and eggs for $3.95). The new Vegas no longer offers deals like this. Also, the Primm exhibits Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Artifacts.





This is a 12 oz. prime rib, and is served with salad. I would suggest sharing.

July 7, 2007

More L.A. Eats, Part I

It's really tough to do a food tour in L.A. because you have to drive from point to point, whereas in New York, you're a hop, skip, and away from the next eatery.

Anyway, here's a great Greek place I used to go to during my undergrad called Papa Cristos. It's on Normandie and Pico, and there's parking in the back. I recommend the spanakopita, a spinach pie, the grilled baby octopus, and the Greek coffee.



More L.A. Eats, Part II

If you want to eat somewhere scenic and reasonably priced, drive up on Pacific Coast Highway, and just past Pepperdine University, and on the right side is Malibu Seafood. Be careful not to speed there. A lot of cops hide around the bend. Fish tacos (I think they use Mahi Mahi) and fish and chips are highly recommended. Skip the ceviche. The mussels were pretty good. There is outdoor patio seating (informal), and you'll see a lot of surfers eat lunch there.






More L.A. Eats, Part III

Of course, when in L.A., stop in K-Town to get Korean barbecue. The last time we were there, we ate at a place called Tahoe Barbecue, formerly Wilshire Barbecue. We wanted to see if we could beat the deal there ($15, all you can eat beef or chicken). This time we went to Cho San Galbi, located on Olympic and Western. It was pretty good, but pricier than Tahoe Barbecue. The meat tastes about the same, but I actually like Tahoe better. Anyway, they cook your meat on your table (I mean "you" cook your meat).




Hollywood and Highland

On Hollywood and Highland, there is an outdoor mall with high-end stores, but in the patio, they have a free jazz concert. If you pay for the hor'dourves (various cheese slices, dried fruits, and nuts), cost $10, you can get free wine (we got two glasses).




Right next to the patio is the Kodak theater. I really liked these environmental graphic designs that display by year, the Academy Awards Best Picture winners.



Of course, there's always some filming/taping. This looks like an infomercial, but I could be wrong.


And then there is the legendary Mann's Chinese Theater.


You could feel like any movie star, even Steven Segal.


Los Angeles Carnecerias Sells Really Good Mexican Candies

If you like sour and spicey flavors, I would recommend trying authentic Mexican candies. You can get them at any carniceria (meat market). Most of these candies will make you salivate.


1) Saladitos. These are dried plums, usually either salted or spiced with chili powder. They taste good if you squeeze orange juice or lime juice on them.

2) I'm really not sure what this is called, but this is nutty and sweet tasting.

3) I think this is called "pulpita," but I think I may be wrong. There are two versions of this Tamarind-flavored candy. One is more pulpier with dried plums, and then there is the sugar version of this (the texture is more gritty).

4) I've never had these before, but these really blow my mind. They taste like watermelon gum drops rolled in chili, salt and lime. They are chewier them gum drops (texture is similar to Mike and Ike candies).

5) This is lime, chili and salt powder that you sprinkle on other snacks. It kind of reminds me of an extreme sour version of fun dip candy where you get that sweet stick and dip it into various fruit flavored tart powder).

6) These are suckers that remind you of the L.A. street vendors that sell papaya and mango on a stick dipped in lime juice and chili powder. The two flavors are mango and watermelon with chili powder and lime juice flavors. I remember the corn-shaped and mango-shaped version of these candies. These candies are shaped like a foot. I'm really not sure why, but it's funny. Anyway, I recently gave one of my co-workers this, and he kept on drooling on my desk literally.

The next time I go back to L.A. I think I'm going to do a tour of street vendors. In addition to the papaya and mango slices, some vendors sell grilled corn on sticks doused with mayonnaise, lime, chili, sprinkled with Mexican cheese, tamales, and hot dogs wrapped with bacon. You can find most of them on Western Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Engaging Interactive Game for Kids, Los Angeles

Of course I couldn't resist a nerdy observation. These kids seem pretty engaged in this interactive, video-sensing game. There are a couple of lines of instruction, but they seem to get how to earn points. I think this game in particular was sponsored by Outback restaurants, but I could be wrong. I think there is some marketing going on.




Kwik-E-Mart replaces 7-Eleven for a month...

I'm back in New York.

Anyway, I spotted this brilliant marketing campaign, probably for The Simpson's movie coming out this summer. The 7-Eleven store on 42nd Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues) has undergone a transformation for this month. Kwik-E-Mart is the fictional convenience store of The Simpsons. The ads in the store are mostly of fictional products in The Simpson's and the characters look like they're shopping. Needless to say, this store was crowded! So many people buying Slurpees.


They're selling collector type bobble heads and t-shirts, so if you're a fan, run to the store. If not, maybe you could sell them on Ebay.











July 8, 2007

Michael Moore's Sicko


Of all Michael Moore's movies I've watched, this one was the most effective. I must have cried three or four times during this movie. I'm not going to ruin the movie, but I was amazed at how successful "universal health care systems" worked in other countries. I was also appalled by the cost of drugs here compared to everywhere else (London, approximately $10.00, and $0.05 for an inhaler in Cuba compared to a whopping $126.00). Something has to change. I'm also a believer that drug ads should not be broadcasted on television ("Ask your doctor if you have..."). Hopefully, we have a better president who will care about this issue in 2008. The candidate who focuses on healthcare will definitely have my vote.

Of course critics of Michael Moore and universal health care programs will say things like "these programs will cost more," but the fact of the matter is that, in the long run, we pay more. We have to pay for our education ($60,00 - $100,000), and add to that health insurance ($2,500 - $3,000), and don't forget if you own a car (another $3,000). Insurance is like an investment. You have to be insured because if you don't, they jack the rates up. I just read something in BusinessWeek about early retirement advice, and they recommend what insurances to get at what life stage your're in (20's, 30's, 40's, etc.). There's even a stint about insurance for insurance (just in case you live longer and your nest egg runs out). How ridiculous is that?

I just read an article in the New York TImes about Freelancers Union. They offer affordable insurance to freelance workers.

Here are some interesting links.

Link to how much these presidential candidates are receiving from the health care industry.

Link to a Blue Cross PR Rep's analysis of Sicko and his talking points... Michael Moore actually challenges the CEO of Blue Cross to a debate.

CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore

CNN's report is so slanted that Michael Moore addresses point-by-point all of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's claims (doctor for CNN).

Anyway, the movie is good, and it reminds me of what Linda Stone lectured about in Red's class. We have the power, as consumers.

Fix your Apple / Mac Power Adapter [D.I.Y.]

I've tried the MacNally power adapter for $25-$30, and it worked for 6 months. If you have a Mac power adapter (not the new one with the magnet) and it's breaking apart, just use liquid electrical tape. You can get it from Home Depot or probably any hardware store. I'm using red, because that's what was left in stock (but they sell it in black and white as well). It can get a little messy, so put a napkin under it. I would also recommend doing this several times (wait until it dries, and then reapply). The texture is like rubber cement. I will probably wrap it up with white electrical tape after.



If it's really bad like mine, use some wire or a paper clip as a support, but do not solder, you may burn off the insulation of the other wire, and it will create a short. Then use a wooden golf tee as support.


Also, I learned how to drill a hole in glass from Martha Sterwart's Living magazine. She saids to use a plastic container and fill with water, but don't submerge all of the glass piece in to the water. Then use a drill, but the photo looks like a dremel bit. Make sure it's a "diamond" one (usually used to drill into metal pieces).

July 11, 2007

Solar Bikini Strikes in L.A.

The solar bikini, which was featured at the Winter 2007 ITP Show, was on KTLA [Channel 5] in Los Angeles. My sister who recognized Preston, did a double-take. She called me right away, and sent me this link. Preston, you're such a ladykiller.

Personally, I think Donald Trump should pay Andrew Schneider to make one for all the contestants of the Miss America and Miss Universe pageants. That would prevent the models from wearing their suits in the water. The theme of both pageants could be "sustainable energy."


July 13, 2007

Target ads in NY subways have sound interactivity


So on 49th St. station going downtownI saw this ad for a rap CD (Ludacris, Jay-Z, et. al.) and there is a headphone jack where you can plug in to listen. It's strategically placed on the photo of the CD player. I didn't plug in yet.

July 14, 2007

Curry Row, Panna II, Part I

So this month, we were going to explore Indian food, and try to make Vindaloo (that's today). But in the meantime, we tried this place called Panna II. When we read the description and reviews on Citysearch, people described the restaurant as a holiday or Christmas thrown up in a train car. I didn't know what they were talking about until we visited this place. It's pretty cheap, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have high blood pressure. The food is slightly saltier then most other Indian places. So why do people eat here? Well for about $9-$10/a person, you can get soup, an appetizer, an entree and even a dessert.


93 1st Ave # 5
New York, NY 10003
(212) 598-4610

A very fun atmosphere...

Everything is so red, so I had to use flash to take these photos. Appetizers are complimentary when you get the combo.


A mushroom appetizer:



Lamb tandoori:

Mango ice cream:

What to do this weekend? City Sol Festival in New York

Check out Citysol festival, a festival about green energy, art, music, and education. My friends Angela Pablo (seen below in the photo, demonstrating the Electric Garden) and Megan MacMurray, former ITPers, have a project called Garden Electric that they created in a Tom Igoe's Sustainable Practices class.



You can learn more about solar and biodiesel power. If you bring your electric bill and switch to a green energy package with ConEdison Solutions, you can "receive free Brooklyn Brewery beer! ++ Bring your own reusable mug/glass and receive $1 off Brooklyn Brewery beer!"

Located along the FDR between 18 & 23rd streets - stuyvesant cove park (sat + sun will be better, as there's more programming on those days like music and workshops)

July 17, 2007

Dunkin' Donuts in the loop...

So if you go to Dunkin' Donuts, they are heavily promoting the Simpsons Movie by selling these donuts, the same donut that Homer poses with in this movie poster.



And if you get a case of them, you can get these ringtones with Homer crying, "D'Oh!"

July 18, 2007

Fire in Midtown


There was a steam pipe explosion.

July 21, 2007

Curry Row, Brick Lane Curry House, Part II

This place is slightly pricier than most Indian restaurants. Nevertheless, the food is delicious. It seems like it's a bit more healthier and cooked longer (having experienced cooking Indian food just once). Some dishes require 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking. I am basing the "healthier" and "longer" references to our own experiences of making Indian dishes. Anyway, they have a "habanero curry," for spicy food lovers. If you finish all of it, you win a beer. We recommend this beer, "Flying Horse," which tastes like 1/2 beer and 1/2 champagne.

306 E 6th St, New York 10003
Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave






Declaration of Independence at NYPL

Thomas Jefferson made several copies of the Declaration of Independence, and one of these copies is on exhibition at the New York Public Library. And it's free to see it (I ♥ NY). It will be on exhibition to the 5th of August. I might go today.

About three months ago, I watched a special on PBS about the preservation of the original because it was written on pig skin, which is not archival at all. The government spent approximately $5 million on the design and construction of the vault for this document (the show covers this process). There's even some humor. At one point, someone suggested to put tiny silicon pebbles to in several cavities of the case to secure it from moisture, but that notion was rejected over and over again. Anyway, it's worth watching.

Google Phone in the works...

Here are all the patterns...

1. Google just bought Grand Central

2. Google just bid $4.6 billion for wireless airwaves

3. Google lobbying to change the business model of wireless phones by promoting an "'open network' that could be used by any mobile device or service"

Of course, AT&T is fighting this. Hope Google wins. WOO-HOO!

4. Just found this article today (August 2, 2007), "FCC hands Google a partial victory"

5. And an article I have yet to read in BusinessWeek {August 9th issue) this week titled "Can you hear us now?"

Safari 3 Beta has a pretty cool search interface...

So when you do a search within a page, the browser will mask out what's irrelevant to your search to enhance the readability of your search terms.


Nice! Although, it kind of reminds me of Nick's project in the Mainstreaming Information class, but his was news-related.

July 26, 2007

SIGGRAPH 2007 and NYU ITP Exhibitors

ITP Students and recent graduates will be showing some of their work at Siggraph 2007 Conference.

Siggraph 2007
August 5-9, 2007
San Diego, CA


ITP Students and alumni include:

Siggraph Art Gallery

James Nick Sears ('07)/ORB
Ed Purver ('07), Ariel Efron ('07), and Christian Croft/Future Perfect
Minsoo Lee and Young Sang Cho/Moving Wall
Gabe Barcia-Colombo ('07)/Animalia Chordata
Santiago Echeverry ('97)/WORLD [interactive display of video and audio memories]


Participators of Siggraph Unraveled Fashion Show

Giana Gonzalez ('06)/Hacking Couture???
JooYoun Paek ('07)/either Zipper Orchestra or Self Sustainable Chair
Andrew Schneider ('07)/Solar Bikini
Fiona Carswell ('07)/Anti-Smoking Jacket
Jenny Chowdhury ('07)/Intimate Controllers???
Kate Hartman ('07)/Muttering Hats
Alyssa Wright ('06)/Cherry Blossoms

July 29, 2007

Battery Park

Here's a piece of Berlin Wall in Battery Park...


Glimpse of Statue of Liberty...




Scenic Canal Street Entrance to Manhattan Bridge



Great Shanghai restaurant across from this spot if you like spicy hot soup. Sit by the window so you can watch all the people on the tour and Fung Wah buses.


Just saw this notice on an ex-cellphone business. Apparently they duct taped the summons/complaint on the door, so I read some of it. These people were hosting a game of Mahjong and charged the players a fee. Judging by the store's location and signage, most of the players seemed to be Chinese, except for the undercover officer, who seem to be of Latin descent. Just thought it was strange they would be caught, but then again New York isn't Vegas.


Is Facebook headed for a buyout or initial public offering?

Rumors say Microsoft may consider to bid $6 billion. Interesting articles point to a buyout or ipo.

Former YouTube Chief Financial is now going to be CFO of Facebook (link).

"The company is headed for either a multibillion-dollar buyout or an initial public offering" (link).

Microsoft planning to sell web apps, (link).

Not to mention the rave of third-party apps, (link).

Btw, off the topic, I'm loving Google Reader and hating Google Analytics new interface. The old one was much better. The newer one makes the user click more to get the info that was already there in the older interface. Also, I like LinkedIn's feature that tells you who has viewed your profile in the past two weeks or so.

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