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Wearables and Soft Materials, Process and Materials

Many of you asked for my research in wearables and soft materials...


Some Links:

Material Connexion, www.materialconnexion.com
Material Research Society, www.mrs.org
NY Times on Chalayan, http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/01/style/tmagazine/04talk.waldemeyer.t.html?ex=1176523200&en=b47c75afe9152ac2&ei=5070
Swift Textile Metalizing LLC, tel. 860 243 1122
Sauquoit Industries, tel. 800 858 5552, http://www.sauquoit.com/
Shieldex, tel. 315 597 6687, http://www.shieldextrading.com/
Lumitex, fiber optic textiles that are woven, www.lumitex.com
Electric Plaid, ifmachines.com)
Emfit, Plastic film that converts motion into electricity, www.emfit.com
Flexinol, with shape memory material, www.dynaalloy.com
Integrated Circuit, metal yarns and woven circuits, www.ris.averydennison.com Sensitive Carpet, multilayer conductive fabric, www.lab-leas.fr
Softswitch, flexible fabrics, www.softswitck.co.uk
Blowprint, relief printing, www.imprimerie-laville.com

Other materials to explore: Tyvek (the stuff the FEDEX envelopes are made of), conductive velcro, metal snaps, magnets, reed switches, conductive fabric, conductive ink (looks like nail polish), different folds, conductive film



Blushing Dress – Phillips

Ames laboratory research on metamaterial and magnesium-diboride wire segments

Electronic paper or E-paper, I saw this at Wired Nextfest. On the sleeve of a military uniform is a screen made out of this paper. To navigate between interfaces, you press soft switches, which are located in the sleeve of the uniform. Conductive ink is printed on paper.

Conductive Film, produced by General Electric

Suzanne Tick, Inc.

Kennedy & Violich Architecture
Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich

DDCLAB (acronym for design, development and concepts)
Robert Crivello and Savania Davies-Keiller



NYU PROJECTS on Wearables [All of these prototypes work]:

1) Andrew Schneider – Solar Cell Bikini

2) Terence Arjo -
YoTaxi! Video - http://itp.nyu.edu/~tra225/wearables/yoVideo_1.5.mov
[By waving your arm vigorously via persistence of vision, you can hail a taxi visually]

Personal Space Suit - http://taswearables.blogspot.com/ [coat that has porcupine-like quills embedded]

3) Carolina Pino – http://www.carolinapino.net/jacketjacketson.htm This is a wearable for kids, a kind of musical instrument jacket. When a child presses buttons on the jacket, it plays the sound of an animal or music]

4) Doria Fan - http://itp.nyu.edu/~df785/wearables/bracelet3.html
http://itp.nyu.edu/~df785/wearables/ [I really liked the RFID medical alert bracelets and the inflatables breasts dress [low-tech]

5) Jenny Chowdhury – intimate controllers
[http://www.jennylc.com/intimate_controllers/blog/] –The user plays pong with intimate wearables.

6) Grace Kim's The Soft Electric --http://www.iamgracie.com/thesis/

7) Joshua Dickens – http://flickr.com/photos/schwa23/sets/72057594108725619/ - Glowscarf – a scarf that lets you know when your cellphone rings

8) Britta Riley - Rapid prototyping fabric sculpture usin MAYA

9) Fiona Carswell, Nanna Halinen, Kate Hartman, Kati London, Megan MacMurray, and Alice Tseng-Planas

10) Joo Youn Paek, Zoonori, origami musical instruments using Tyvek

11) My own experimentations with soft circuits using conductive thread and conductive fabric (bluetooth bracelet with phototransmitter), [1], [2]


Other Links:


Signal Propagation and Multiplexing Challenges in Electronic Textiles




Material World 2
Folding Architecture: Spatial, Structural And Organization Diagrams
Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006 (catalog), Suzanne Tick
Spoon, Issey Miyake, A-POC, process of fabrication
Paper Fashions (from More Paperwork) – paper as textiles
Rei Kawakubo, Kyote Costume Institute (exhibition), Japanese stencil paper
Rachel Sleight, The Sun, News Group Newspapers, beautiful dress made out of recycled paper, and skirt for Fabriano Spa, Hussein Chalayan – dress made of Tyvek, look like air mail stationary, Kei Ito – vest made of handmade linen paper, and dress made of Tyvek, performance costume

Hella Jongerius


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