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Second Life, Part 02

This was my experience the second day. I think I was at "home," which is this island, and people started showing up. I remember this one dude was dancing (the guy with the white shirt and yellow long sleeves).
I saw a girl with a beautiful hair style. I had the "Pigtail Complex." So I asked her where she got her hair done, and she said I would have to pay for hair.
This image is kind of interesting. Off in the background, there's a guy just wearing either swim trunks or underwear, and to the left, there was a guy holding a teddy bear. He seemed fairly new, but knew enough about the application that he was able to build that teddy bear that is in one of his hands.


Anyhow, I asked everyone how could I see somewhere more urban, and what is there to do out here in SL. So that one woman teleported me to this location, which seemed like just all advertisements of adult content, which I ended up teleporting myself back to the island.
After talking to someone by the name of "Smoky" about where I was from, he suggested I visit NBC, which looks all to familiar to the Rockefeller Center. Here I was able to play hockey, which was free. In order to play, you have to wear all your gear, and then get close to the puck, and press the red dot that says "Slapshot." When you get a puck in, the goalie notifies via text that you scored.
Satisfied that I made some goals, I decided to explore the rest of the space. I thought that the decor and lighting looked much better than some of the homes I've seen that people built.
Smoky also told me about the free hat, scarf and glove free-give-away. Basically you right-click on those presents, and download your color of choice, and then wear them. I'm not sure if you they still stay in your closet until your next visit to SL. I was able to get the red woolens. The hat made my pigtails disappear. What a joy! Some of the elaborate present displays were empty as well.
Then I was able to get teleported to the top of the Rockefeller Center, which looked like this (and was still sponsored by NBC). Smoky told me that they held concerts there. For example, this Saturday, there was going to be a concert up there. He named a couple of bands that I didn't recognize at the top of my head. I will be in Los Angeles this Saturday.
Then I followed these green fairies to a table, and learned to sit. First, I sat on the table, but then I learned to sit with manners. I enjoyed the virtual view of Manhattan. You could see glimpses of Central Park.
At least when I took my hat off, my pigtails didn't come back.
I really started to wonder who all these people were. Were they people who aspire to be like their avatars, and wanted to experiment how what it felt like to have a different color skin? Or were these people trying to make their avatars similar to themselves and fix their flaws that they only see? Some of these people have a vested interest in the social aspect of Second Life, as they build their second homes and spend time making new friends in this world. This world vaguely reminds me of Vanilla Sky and Open Your Eyes.


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