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January 1, 2007

Vintage/Thrift Stores on 17th Street, NYC

I found these gifts from Housing Works. They have auctions that raise money for people who have HIV/AIDS. I went in yesterday, and saw a nice leather sofa, with the highest bid at around $500.

Angel Street Thrift Store is another store that raises money for causes, such as Substance Abuse, HIV, AIDS and Mental Illness. I found a lot of cool books, and furniture (if I only had room for it). Both of these stores sometimes have a sample sale on items, and they sell a lot of trendy items. I found designer bags, and shoes, rarely worn, HERE, at these stores.

Housing Works Thrift Stores
143 West 17th Street
Phone: 212.366.0820
Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM, Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday Noon-5PM

Angel Street Thrift Store
118 West 17th Street
Chelsea, New York 10011
Phone: 212.229.0546
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5.

I found this beautiful Italian perfume bottle at Housing Works for a steal (there were at least a dozen left), and this cute kitten-vase for my sister, who has a collection of kitty figurines.


By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

January 2, 2007

Awesome Turkish Place in Lower East Side

This place has the best Shish Kebabs I've had so far. It's opened 24 hours, and located on Rivington Street. It's reasonably priced, and the owner threw in Baklava. Coffee is organic, and they used purified/filtered water to make it. They have real cream, which is pretty thick and heavy, so add a little bit, and taste.

Nick ordered a "Doner" sandwich (lamb gyro), which wasn't photographed because we were so famished that we ate it in 3 seconds. The lamb is pretty tender, and not over-cooked. Pita is freshly baked, or at least tastes like it. The cook told us he wanted us to finish the food, and couldn't believe we did. They take credit cards too.

This is what we got for $26.00:
In addition to this tray of food, we also had that Doner sandwich, a soda, and two coffees.

Here are close-ups:

Kebab House II
144 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Telephone: 212.477.5200

January 3, 2007

Kimbap Place in K-Town

By now, you should know that I'm always looking for good food, and a good deal. I found this little hole in the wall (literally), with a line, so I decided to try it.

Pretty cheap, and filling rolls. Kimbap is the Korean version of California Rolls. Most of the fillings are cooked. I tried three separate rolls: beef, spicy tuna, and squid roll. All of the rolls come with miso soup. I like these rolls because they use little rice, and add a lot of different fillings, a variety of vegetables, like perilla leaves, carrots, pickled turnips, spinach, fish cake, to name a few.

Check out the photos, and you'll see what I'm talking about:

Beef Roll 1_kimbab_06.jpg

Spicy Tuna Roll 1_kimbab_07.jpg

Squid Roll 1_kimbab_05.jpg

Strangely enough, my favorite was the Squid Roll. The next time I go there, I'm going to try to Jalapeno Roll.

They are pretty fast.

January 4, 2007

Church Honoring the Service People Who Died In Iraq

I took this photo a month ago, and found it in a folder on my computer.


January 5, 2007

A Real Rainbow

I just visited Jerseyville, Illinois, and saw this incredible rainbow. I've never seen one this big, and strong in intensity. Maybe I'll find a pot of gold at the end of it. I hope you find one too.

Happy New Year EVERYONE again!!!



January 6, 2007

Book List

These are the books I'm reading (not in any order):

Malcolm Gladwell, Blink
Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point
Adam Greenfield, Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing
Clifford Nass and Scott Brave, Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human-Computer Relationship
James L. Adams, Conceptual Blockbusting
Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art
Marshall McLuhan and Lewis H. Lapham, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, Metaphors We Live By
Ellen Lupton, Design Writing Research
Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
Naomi Klein, No Logo
Tom Standage, Victorian Internet
Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Jane Jacobs, Cities and the Wealth of Nations
Chip Heath and Dan Heath, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
Peter Shankman, Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work--And Why Your Company Needs Them
Marjane Satrapi, Embroideries

and listening to an audio book by David Sedaris (he's really sarcastic).

Cuban Food in the Lower East Side

Cafe Habana
229 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012-5518
Telephone: 212.625.2002

This place is pretty good and very trendy. The corn is a must $3.50 I believe for two ears. They are grilled, slathered with mayonaise, chili powder, and lime juice. I think the pork chops are the best deal, around $15 for all of that food, and $13 or $14 for chicken. Finish dinner off with an espresso or two.

January 7, 2007

Ben's Chili Bowl, Washington D.C.

This is for my friend, Min, who recently graduated from ITP, and is moving to D.C.

Ben's Chili Bowl
1213 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Ben's Chili Bowl is excellent! Take the subway, and get off on the U stop. The block is lined with historical concert venues. I think I read somewhere that Duke Ellington played in several clubs on that street, not to mention that there are EXCELLENT Ethiopian restaurants there. I walked into one that had both outdoor and indoor seating, but can't remember the name, and I lost my camera midway through this trip.

Anyway, this place is awesome because the people who work there actually look like there having fun. They have a retro jukebox playing Lauren Hill. Ask for the chili half-smokes. They split it, and grill it. Chili is awesome, these photos say it all, need I say more?

By the way, Bill Cosby eats there, and some of his recommendations (chili half-smokes) are on the menu. I went there twice on my 4-day trip.


January 8, 2007

Wingstop in St. Louis, MO

For people who know how to franchise in New York, please read this entry.

I just visited Wingstop, which is a chain that specializes in Buffalo Wings. I've had some here and there, in New York, but nothing really spectacular. This place is REALLY good. They have different flavors, but the "atomic" is what they say, really spicy. They warn all there customers because "atomic" is really that spicy. I could only have a couple, and they can really blister your lips.

Someone with $$$ should open one up in New York. I bet it would be a hit.


January 10, 2007

Harlequin Romances

My ex-co-worker, Riadh, started this trend of bringing us Harlequin and various romance novels. We heard that Ziggy, Cliff's wife likes to read them, so Cliff designed this cover with their faces on it.



Cliff and Ziggy are married.

January 12, 2007

Second Life, Part 01

So I finally visited Second Life. At first I thought it was a lot of hype, but now I see some potential. So far I spent 2 nights trying to experience what hundreds of other avatars find interesting about this site. To me, it mimmicks a 3D version of the SIMS game, except you could build, design, sell or buy anything you desire. You can lease out space and design and build a space. The other difference is that instead of pre-programmed algorithms, you meet people in real-time, and can teleport or fly to over 2,000 locations.
There are set last names, so if you think you could be a celebrity, and claim Tom Cruise's or Lucy Liu's names, you can't because they already have pre-set last names. For membership of $6.00 a month, you receive a $300 Linden allowance (Linden is the currency of Second Life). You can use this money to buy land or cigarettes.
So on the first day of sign up, I spent most of my time designing my outfit, and creating my avatar. As you can see from the photos above, you can choose a generic avatar and modify her later, which is what I did. I chose a long-sleeved black shirt, and A-line skirt that is modest. I don't know where the "city/urban chic" description came from. Some other Second Life member thought I had "cool threads on," which I felt complimented, since I designed my own outfit.

I was trying to get rid of these pigtails for the life of me. I tried deleting templates, and creating new ones. At some point, I wasn't sure if this was a "head tattoo" (description in the SL menu). I asked other people, but nobody really had an answer.

At one time, when I was modifying my identity, some other avatar tackled me, so I ran into the ocean to make changes is my appearance. Some of the settings are very similar to Maya's 3D interface, where you can choose a texture, and then it's color and light settings.

Some of the textures were high resolution like the grass in this image. I assumed it was a plane, with this texture applied to the plane. Everything looks like a polygon versus a nurb. Some of the houses I've seen had walls with one tile of texture applied to the wall, which looked stretched. Some houses or structures looked more professional in that it had maybe they had higher resolution image files of their texture or they tiled the texture well.
When I was first born into my Second Life, I was born on an island. Apparently that is also my so-called "home." There was a row of vending machines/advertisements that sold cigarrette. The illustration below shows an example of what I'm talking about.
I saw this bench, and I wanted to sit in it, but didn't know how.
After fiddling around with gestures, such as clapping and crying, and expressions of shouting, I quickly got bored, and flew around the island.
I got a real kick out of flying, but there's no graceful landing. The button asks if you would like to stand up, even though all your bones look broken.
After flying around on the same island, I found some restricted areas that looked okay from far away, but as you get close, there's an invisible barbed fence that prevents you from going in that direction. Sometimes, my avatar could run into walls, so much for home security.
In any case, flying was liberating.
Some houses take time to render, I think these were beach homes forming. Sometimes, the same thing would happen to people, so they are gray, and then after two or three minutes, they formalize with color. I'm also not sure if it's the amount of RAM I have. I had to take a 1gb out of my laptop, so it only had 512mb, which may have been the reason why it lagged.
Finally, I was tired. If you know anything about how to take the pigtails out, please let me know.

Second Life, Part 02

This was my experience the second day. I think I was at "home," which is this island, and people started showing up. I remember this one dude was dancing (the guy with the white shirt and yellow long sleeves).
I saw a girl with a beautiful hair style. I had the "Pigtail Complex." So I asked her where she got her hair done, and she said I would have to pay for hair.
This image is kind of interesting. Off in the background, there's a guy just wearing either swim trunks or underwear, and to the left, there was a guy holding a teddy bear. He seemed fairly new, but knew enough about the application that he was able to build that teddy bear that is in one of his hands.


Anyhow, I asked everyone how could I see somewhere more urban, and what is there to do out here in SL. So that one woman teleported me to this location, which seemed like just all advertisements of adult content, which I ended up teleporting myself back to the island.
After talking to someone by the name of "Smoky" about where I was from, he suggested I visit NBC, which looks all to familiar to the Rockefeller Center. Here I was able to play hockey, which was free. In order to play, you have to wear all your gear, and then get close to the puck, and press the red dot that says "Slapshot." When you get a puck in, the goalie notifies via text that you scored.
Satisfied that I made some goals, I decided to explore the rest of the space. I thought that the decor and lighting looked much better than some of the homes I've seen that people built.
Smoky also told me about the free hat, scarf and glove free-give-away. Basically you right-click on those presents, and download your color of choice, and then wear them. I'm not sure if you they still stay in your closet until your next visit to SL. I was able to get the red woolens. The hat made my pigtails disappear. What a joy! Some of the elaborate present displays were empty as well.
Then I was able to get teleported to the top of the Rockefeller Center, which looked like this (and was still sponsored by NBC). Smoky told me that they held concerts there. For example, this Saturday, there was going to be a concert up there. He named a couple of bands that I didn't recognize at the top of my head. I will be in Los Angeles this Saturday.
Then I followed these green fairies to a table, and learned to sit. First, I sat on the table, but then I learned to sit with manners. I enjoyed the virtual view of Manhattan. You could see glimpses of Central Park.
At least when I took my hat off, my pigtails didn't come back.
I really started to wonder who all these people were. Were they people who aspire to be like their avatars, and wanted to experiment how what it felt like to have a different color skin? Or were these people trying to make their avatars similar to themselves and fix their flaws that they only see? Some of these people have a vested interest in the social aspect of Second Life, as they build their second homes and spend time making new friends in this world. This world vaguely reminds me of Vanilla Sky and Open Your Eyes.

January 17, 2007

Ceci n'est pas une flight attendant... Ivanka Trump

This is Ivanka Trump at the LAX airport Tuesday, January 16, 2007, waiting in the security line at approximatelt 7:30 am. I am happy to report that she didn't receive any preferential treatment. She's really tall, and took off her 3-inch stilettos, and gracefully tippy-toed through. Very stylish, wearing a camel coat, and violet alligator bag. She noticed us noticing her, and I even joked, "You're FIRED!" A former graduate at Wharton, she helps her dad host The Apprentice in Los Angeles this season. So far, I've watched two episodes, and the tasks were pretty silly. I like that the winning project manager can sit in the board room for the elimination. I also like what Ivanka has to offer to the show. Hopefully, the tasks get more challenging, but so far it makes Los Angeles look like the Diva Drama Queen of Soap Operas.




Donald's probably thankful that Ivanka didn't turn out like Paris Hilton.

The other celebrity I saw when I moved to New York about a year and a half ago was James Cameron, the director of the Titanic.

January 18, 2007

Another Halls Ad

Another ad that I spotted on the train. I still like the "school bus" the most.


Los Angeles, El Taurino

I just visited Los Angeles this past weekend. I really love and miss Mexican food there. My favorite place is El Tepeyac, close to the General Hospital in the "Barrio, " in East Los Angeles. My second favorite Mexican place is El Taurino (Hoover Street and Olympic Blvd.), which is open 24/7. Landmark is the Food For Less super. This place rocks. It's cheap too. My favorites are tostadas, tacos and burritos. Anything with pork or beef is great. I took these photos at 3:00 am, still a full house. Kids like to go there after clubs close at 2 am.

El Tepeyac
812 N Evergreen Ave (Cross Street: Winter Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 267-8668

Anyway, the next few days will be a recap of my visit to Los Angeles. Of course the weather was the same as New York this weekend, 30's and 40's, which is not typical (since 67 years), but I was still able to enjoy the sunshine. I don't have any photos of my bike ride, but I suggest renting a bike at Santa Monica Beach and riding to Venice, preferably tandem (1 bike for 2 people).

January 19, 2007

Placebo, 2004

Artist Roxy Paine, born 1966 Commissioned by the St. Louis Art Museum

This is a stainless steel tree outside of the museum.


Shabu Shabu

Jin Sang
Shabu Shabu Restaurant
Los Angeles
Olympic and Normandie

I especially liked their presentation. You dip raw meet into the boiling water, and dip it into the sauce and eat it. In this case, you place your meat on the lettuce flowers that have rice and I think carrots. After, you add noodles and spices and eat soup. At the end they served us, red bean mochi ice cream with kiwi pieces and ginger tea.


January 21, 2007

Night Shots

Santa Monica Pier, looks like a string of jewels.
Manhattan from the skies.

El Salvadorean Food

Golfo De Fonseca

Salvadorean and Mexican food on Vermont, between Melrose and Santa Monica Blvd. If you pass the Jack in the Box, you pass this restaurant. It's across the street from Los Angeles City College.
I really like this place for breakfast. They have a drink called, Chan, to die for. It takes like pulpy strawberry seeds, but I heard it comes from cactus and they mix it in Cool-Aid. Anyway, it's good. They make Horchata, a rice drink, from scratch (watch them make it, from a blend of rice and spices). It usually tastes like rice milk with cinnamon. They also have a Tamarind drink. If you like that tart taste, this is the drink to try.

Pupusas are an El Savadorean food. They look like thick tortillas, but with a filling, like beans, pork, and cheese. The Farmer's Market in Hollywood on Selma sells ones with baby squash and shrimp. You can ask for Cortito, which is a side that looks to me, like Korean kim chee. I think it's pickled cabbage. You eat it with the pupusas.

I recommend the Huevos Rancheros and pupusas, or anything with chorizo (blood sausage). Menudo is good as well. It's a soup with white hominy (corn family), but tastes excellent with cabbage, lime and chilis.

January 22, 2007

Sushi in Los Angeles

People always ask me where to get sushi while in Los Angeles. I always go to one of two places. Noshi and Hide. Noshi is located on Beverly Blvd. and is between Normandie and Western Avenues on the South side of the street. Hide is located in Little Tokyo on the West side. There are two Little Tokyos, one in Downtown, and a new one is forming on Sawtelle Blvd. There are a couple of ramen shops and the two Giant Robot stores are located there. Both restaurants take cash only, and there's always a wait there.

These photos are from Noshi, fresh fish, thick green tea, warm sake. By the way, my aunt once told me that Sushi chefs were only men because their palms are cooler than women's, which would cook the fish. I'm not sure if that's true, but interesting information.

$15-$20 a person w/o drinks. Never drink white wine with raw fish because the tanins in the wine emphasizes the fishy taste. Also, drink Sake or beer with Sushi.

If you are financially stable, try R23, located in the Art District. You get to sit on Frank Gehry chairs and pour cold sake from a very unsual sake flask that keeps ice. Another great Sushi place is Hirozen, located on Beverly Blvd., close to Beverly Center. I think the cross street is Orlando Street.


January 28, 2007

Wing Power, Landing


January 29, 2007

Wings II


January 30, 2007

Humorous Subway Art

On the 1 or 2 line (Red).












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