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More ITP Winter Show 2006, Monday, December 18, 2006


Chris and Juri's Mega Phone Game. This is fun and immersive. I can see it at a movie theater. You call a number and play these short games that are projected on a screen. The games are short and satisfying. One example is blowing into your cellphone to digitally blow a balloon fastest. Maybe the theater can give you a free tub of popcorn if you win. "Don't forget to turn off your cellphones for the movie!" itpwinter21.jpg
Andy, Kate and Che worked on this demo. You can turn off appliances and make your home smart using your cellphone. So if you forgot to turn off your light or forgot to turn on your air conditioner for your cat, this would be a great tool. itpwinter22.jpg
Christin Roman's Telebunny calls your child and comforts it when you're away. itpwinter23.jpg
Chris Parretti's car race allow you to control the speed of the car by yelling into your mobile phone. New game consoles a mobile device? Watch out Sony and Nintendo! itpwinter24.jpg
Preston Noon's Puzzle Poetryitpwinter25.jpg

Mike Bukhin and Michael DelGaudio's mobile phone is video tracking every second and minute of the wearer's day and meta tagging activities.

Ilteris Kaplan's Mood Box allows you to anonymously input your emotions in one space, which is processed and displayed in a different space. I see a lot of potential. It is beautiful as well. itpwinter28.jpgitpwinter29.jpgitpwinter30.jpg
Fun cell phone game with archaic cell/cordless phone controller>itpwinter31.jpg
Judson's video tracking flea simulation. What a hoot!itpwinter32.jpg
Jeff LeBlanc's art works. itpwinter34.jpg
Che's tree personality test translated to music using Max/MSP and Jitter. itpwinter35.jpg
Jenny Chowdhury's email art. itpwinter36.jpg
Animalia Chordata. Gabe's humorous exploration of personal space. He puts people in bottles. Okay, this project was in one of those blogs I listed above. itpwinter37.jpgitpwinter37a.jpg
Tales of Grim. While you read this book, the rooms in the play house interact. itpwinter38.jpg
Low tech art by Heather, Charles and Tristan. It's pretty satisfying swaying these blocks itpwinter39.jpg
I didn't get to interact with this project, but it looks engaging. itpwinter40.jpg
Tikva's Sonic Body Pong. This was on the Make blog too. itpwinter41.jpg
Steve Jackson's project allows you to channel surf YouTube according to subject matter. If you type in "basketball," it mine all videos related to this sport for the day and play it for you. I'm not even a big YouTube fan, but I found this project pretty cool. itpwinter42.jpg
Fantastic Piano



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