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ITP Winter Show 2006, Monday, December 18, 2006

PART o1:

Solar Cell Bikini by Andrew Schneider

Power your iPod mini with your bikini that collects power from the sun.

The "Is Our Machine Learning" Machine by Christian Croft

Commentary on the smartness of machines.
itpwinter01.jpg width="200" height="150" />

Ubi-atch Toys by Min, Gilad and Chung-xi

These toys read your email as if you were having a conversation with the writer of the email. They are also designing a version for iChat.

Couch Potato by Jane Oh

This device rewards you after you have taken a walk around the block. The more you walk, the more you get to watch television.

The Networked Journal by Pollie Barden

I've written about this project before. Please see earlier entry for more information.

Ambient Lighting Design itpwinter05.jpg

Interactive Puppet Theater

You interact with a sensor that looks like a microphone to manipulate puppets in action.

A mirror that allows you to see yourself in different hairstyles.


Are we in a time warp? Typewriter outputs digital? Typewriter crosses computer. itpwinter08.jpg
Twister Game networked? There are hundreds of solutions to win this game. A new approach to Twister, but you need to find the right combination. To do so, it requires you to touch other players. itpwinter09.jpg
Gilad Lotan

Each copper piece represents a continent. When they are spun, you see video of news from that continent that was mined from the Internet.


These fingerless gloves warm your hands ups when you hold your partner's hand. itpwinter11.jpg

MoPress by Alex and Jane

You wear this jacket that logs in data and provides this visualization.

Powder and Ferrofluid Interesting texture when it pulses. Pretty mesmerizing. itpwinter14.jpg
Hat Mutterer itpwinter15.jpg

This project is called "Hair" by Carolina Pino

Kyungmi's "Kenny" digital paint brush itpwinter17.jpg
Networked Shoes as a performance tool. This was indeed a treat to watch. itpwinter18.jpg itpwinter19.jpg
Lara and Myra worked on a chair that functions as a musical interest for assistive tech.itpwinter20.jpg


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