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New Yorkers weep no more! I found the Best Athentic Mexican here in NYC

El Maguey y La Tuna
321 E Houston St
New York, NY

So far, I've been on the search to match a Mexican restaurant to the ones I've been to in Los Angeles, and couldn't find anything until now. I saw a chicken mole, but I was hesitant to try it because of an inauthentic mole experience elsewhere.

This place is cozy, and I like that they play tunes from a Spanish radio station (although I heard an American ad for some clap-on type gadget). The brunch is awesome. You get their cafe infused with milk and an entree. I chose the strip steak with chilaques with green sauce (a tortilla type casserole - I first had one in Puerto Vallarta), and Nick had the Mexican pork chorizos sausage omelet (i.e. usually restaurants use regular sausage, but they use the real deal). It was really delicious. Then I got this dessert, which when I read on the menu, I thought it was going to be something else, but it was heavenly. Not to sweet, but sweet enough. Those chips remind me of Taco Bell's cinnamon chips, but El Maguey's taste a lot better (because the whole chip is coated on both sides with cinnamon), and honey with Neapolitan ice cream (ours didn't have chocolate, but I'm not sure if that was intentional or not)...magnificent!

Anyway, if you see me around, I can give you a 15% off coupon. They also handmake their tamales, which is a traditional all-day holiday experience. I think the lady mentioned that they had a dessert version of it. It's a little out of the way, but the walk is definitely worth it.

I forgot to mention prices. Brunch is only $9.95, which includes coffee and entrée, and the dessert was $4 or $5, but it was definitely worth it.


Dish Names:
Chilaquiles, Huevos Con Chorizo, and the dessert is called Sopapilla.


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