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April 3, 2006

I was riding the

I was riding the subway and saw 4 kids, probably ages ranging from 11-17. One of the kids had a poster carrier, and within 5 minutes, he took the sports ad from one of the walls. He then contemplated to take the NYU ad, but after careful deliberation, he said "Nah, it's not worth it, since it would mean that he would have to break the Plexiglas. Then he wanted the whole line of the sports. He wanted this collection, but he seemed to scared to steal those because now the car was crowded. To seem a little "bad ass" he starts picking on his brother, saying how he had a chance to go out with a college girl. It's his younger brother because they were wearing the same exact polo hooded jerseys, that perhaps they received for Christmas. When they got off on 4th Avenue, I took a photo of them, and that dude flipped me off. He probably thought I was a narc or something.

Adicolor: Guerilla Campaign

I went to this Adidas exhibit, which was to give me the "ultimate" experience of making me feel like I'm one with the "in" crowd. When I first arrived to the address 267 Canal Street, I walked into 2 stores, and asked about the Adidas exhibit. This Chinese man, who couldn't speak English told me to follow him, so I did. He walked through the store to the back, and crossed the street and into another entrance to a basement. I started to feel that this wasn't legit, and was wondering if this was a place where they sold fake Adidas. But then, at the end of the hallway, I saw this colorful videotracking projection and a ultra-contemporary sculpture that had Adidas stamped all over it. The experience was pretty effective in making me feel pretty "cool" that I knew about this event, and "special" that I was part of this covert operation. The tennis shoe line emulate printmaking business model, where some shoes are limited edition, and the same went for the athletic jackets. There were some commercial to underground grafitti artists tagging shoes, and popular artists like "Fafi, a French grafitti lady artist. "Fever 1," a dancer, hired for this 2-week event, pitched a great story/sale.

Bernstein and Gershwin Concert

Nick and I went to the Bernstein and Gershwin concert at Town Hall, and at the end of the concert, the conductor proposed to his fiance.

Brooklyn Barge

The Brooklyn Barge holds classical music concerts.

April 4, 2006

Grimaldi's Pizza: The Best Pizza in New York?Thi

This is the best pizza in New York, and I'm not even a pizza person. I think I saw Grimaldi's on TV. It was formerly called Patsy's and this is where Frank Sinatra used to eat. The sauce is made from scratch. Try the pepperoni and olives. The pizzas are cooked in a brick oven. Delicious and reasonably-priced.

Chanel Lady

This woman looks like a Chanel ad. She's in her fifties and she was dressed semi-formally in the middle of the afternoon in the Lower East Village. I thought she was fabulous. I wanted to get a closer photo, but I was too shy to ask her for a photo.

Lucky's Paws


April 13, 2006

World Financial Center at Sunset

Doughnut Plant ROCK ON!

The most delicious doughnuts in the UNIVERSE! Real cream from coconuts. The other one is pistachio.

Whitney Museum

Liked the political messages, but I though the Biennial was disappointing this year.

Great Graffiti

Found on a building in SoHO.

Innovative Graffiti

I like the fact that this piece is taped to a wall. The aesthetic is graffiti, but is it considered graffiti because it's not an act of vandalism?

Jewelry Inspiration

I think they are by Vered Kiminski.

More Jewelry Inspiration

April 15, 2006

Soft Circuitry

I'm taking up knitting to learn about this process. I plan on making a "Security Blanket," using technology. More to come later. Here's a patch I'm knitting.

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