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September 3, 2005

Trinity Church and the Sycamore Tree

This church is located in the Financial District of New York. It is a couple of blocks away from Wall Street. Some very famous people have been buried here, Robert Fulton (the inventor of the Steamboat) and Alexander Hamilton. Also, the tourguide mentioned that historians could learn medical statistics in a graveyard. In the 19th Century, most of the women were buried after childbirth, many people died of cholera, and the median ages of men and women who died.

Also, after the World Trade Center attacks, a pool debris (7 to 8 inches) covered the graveyard. They had to call professionals to vaccuum this debris. The infamous sycamore tree that used to be planted in the graveyard at St. Paul's Chapel is on exhibit at Trinity. St. Paul's Chapel is located across the World Trade Center, and this sycamore tree saved the chapel from destruction when the Twin Towers fell. The scraps were taken to an artist, who in turn created a sculpture of the tree. The trunk exhibited at Trinity will go back to its resting place sometime next week.

More on St. Paul's Chapel later...

George Washington and his BLING!

September 4, 2005

1933 Double Eagle Twenty Dollar Gold Coin

I went to the Federal Reserve Bank because I lost my tour group and thought they would be there. They weren't. Luckily, I was able to see a gold coin exhibit. They wouldn't let me take photos in side, and they wouldn't let me take photos outside, but I did anyway (of the outside). York and Sawyer, architects of the Federal Reserve Bank, modeled the bank after the Florentine palaces in Italy (limestone and iron).

Apparently, I read FDR stopped the press on the 1933 Double Eagle Twenty Dollar Gold Coin because he didn't want Americans to depend heavily on gold. So he did, but I think one or two was produced. It disappeared, but was found in the King of Egypts coin collection. He was subpeonaed, and it was back in the American Government's hands. Again, it disappeared for decades until 1996. Somebody found it in a jeweler's shop in New York. He told the Feds that Egyptian King sold it to him. Then the American Government gave it to Sotheby's, and it was auctioned at $7.6 million dollars. I wish I owned that coin. Anyway, it is on exhibit in the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank. There are also rare, beautiful coins from Italy, Greece, and China. The subtlety of design in the coins, bills, and bank notes is displayed graphically and typographically. They even show the process of manufacturing the coins and explain the problems (i.e. counterfeit) in a video. It is definitely worth seeing. I plan to go back and see the other tour. The guard told me the coin, bill, and bank note collection is worth approximately $50 million dollars. The vaults hold approximately $300 billion of gold.

St. Paul's Chapel

St. Paul's Chapel sits across the street from Ground Zero. There was a sycamore tree that protected the chapel from the 9/11 attacks. That tree is in Trinity Church, but is scheduled to be transfered here. George Washington used to sit in that chair.

Ground Zero

"We at NYU keenly remember the events of 9/11, and the outpouring of support
that we received at that difficult time. In the aftermath of Hurricane
Katrina, it is our turn to help now." - Barbara Hall, Associate Provost for Admissions

NYU is accepting undergrad students affected by Hurricane Katrina. Check out this site, if interested:

A Squirrel Story

One day I was late. As my sister and I drove off, we noticed a little creature on the curb. We decided to pull over, and transport a hurt squirrel to a grassy area. Some driver smashed his two hind legs. He looked like a seal. It was really sad. As I went home to bring cereal, water, and popsicle sticks to his aid, he died. Since then my sister and I have quarreled about who caused the squirrel's death. My sister blames me for this squirrel's death. I blame her for it's death. My mother said it wasn't our fault.

Anytime we see a squirrel, in a movie ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") or in a park, she would make a sidebar comment. Well, I sent her photos of a squirrel in New York, who came up to me. I even told her I named him Fred. She still remarked that the East Coast squirrels must not know about my reputation. Whatever...Fred is cute.

Shopping in Chelsea

There was a cool store called "West Elm." It's reasonably priced. I have never seen one in Los Angeles. Later, I found out that William Sonoma owns it. Anyway, it's a cool store. I like this one lamp. They should open one in L.A.

Across the street from "West Elm" is "Angel Street Thrift Store." I walked in and found a cool book about Alfred Hitchcock for $3.00, but didn't have cash on me (and I would feel stupid charging $3.00 to my credit card). Anyway, I went back, and it was GONE. Anyway, it's a cool store. There are vintage designer pieces, ranging $25, $70 and $90. There were some lamps that I liked, but they were $400. At least the money goes to a good cause, substance abuse and mental health.

Both are on 17th Street.

Correction to Barney's SALE in NEW YORK CITY

In a previous post, I talked about I received 90% on a jacket and coat, and paid no sales tax. So my roommate was so excited about the sale, and went to it the next day. The jackets and coats were marked 75% instead. So she asked someone who worked there about the 90% deal. Apparently, someone made an error. I should have bought a Lotto ticket and some more coats for my friends.



As I walked past Washington Square Garden, Tariq invited to play a game of chess with me. It was a little stressful because I haven't played in a long time. Anyway, Tariq gave me a chess lesson on covering the king, and the four important squares of chess. He beat me anyway, but it was an informative game.

Tariq also told me that Bobby Fisher used to play chess in that park. It costs only $3.00 to play a game. If you're good, challenge Tariq. He could be contacted at tariq_211@hotmail.com. If you're not good, sign up for a lesson.

East Village and SOHO

I strolled down East Village and SOHO, specifically Mulberry Street, and came across a designer sample sale. I met some NYU Alumni from the Stern School, and they are opening a store, "Pinky Otto," on 9th and 2nd Avenue, 307 E. 9th Street. I got this elephant keychain. They sell one of a kind sweaters, skirts. One of the owner is a designer who graduated from Pratt.

Further down Mulberry Street is Little Italy. There going to have a big festival next weekend I'm told. Anyway, here are some photos.

If I were a Location Scout...

If I were a Location Scout looking for a place to shoot a "coming of age" film, I would do it here. It even looks the studios could shoot "Madeleine" here. Doesn't it look a bit French?

This is a church I keep passing by on 6th

Believe it or Not...

That's the Empire State Building, in Red, White & Blue, taken from Greenwich Village. I tried not moving the camera, but it looks like my camera takes drugs.

Protest at Union Square

These photos are dedicated to my political activist friend Gregory Lowe. He gave me an NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) bag that promotes saving whales. Anyway, I think he would really fit here in New York. Supposedly there's a protest at Union Square every weekend.

September 5, 2005


CBGB's = Country, Bluegrass, and Blues

This club is located between Greenwich Village and Alphabet City (on Bowery). It was founded in 1973. In the 70's, it was a venue for country music, but in the mid-70's, punk rock took over. Some infamous bands that played here are Blondie, Patti Smith Group, Talking Heads, and The Ramones. Anyway, they are recently being evicted and there's even a website trying to save it. Here's the link...


Alphabet City is in the East Village

Cooper Union is an academic institution as well as an exhibition space. They use the money from their exhibits to subsidize their students' education. All students who attend Cooper Union have a FULL SCHOLARSHIP, so you could imagine how competitive that school must be. They offer only three degrees: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Engineering. For more information, log onto: http://www.cooper.edu/. They also have a library, which I have yet to visit. I heard there permanent design collection is extraordinary.

I guess this would be self-explanatory, but the reason why this section is called "Alphabet City" is because most of the streets are one-letter streets (e.g. A Street). St. Mark's Street is a cool street. They have unique shops and restaurants. They have a wood store, but not like Home Depot sells lumber, it's very high-end.

I heard the "2nd Ave Deli" is good. The type they used in their signage looks Hebrew. . .pretty cool.

September 7, 2005

More Street Art

I think I have some images of his/her art work somewhere in this blog. This one, I think, is a goldfish jumping into a cup. Green pasteurs...maybe not. I can't read the other one.

September 10, 2005

Justin and Lainie

Justin and Lainie are from L.A. (Pasadena and "The Brewery"). They're here for a visit. Here are some photos of Justin hailing a cab, and being pure goofy. They work at Jungle 8.

Semi-Permanent Conference

This is a pretty cool conference, and worth every penny. Unfortunately, I was barred from taking any photos, but check out their site, if you're interested in design. The conference encompassed Print, Fashion, Computational, Architectural, Illustration, Graffiti art/design and more. It was held at the Lincoln Center.

Here's there link:

This was my First Celebrity Sighting in New York

Jimmy Falon and Parker Posey were in Greenwich Village today shooting a Pepsi commercial. This was my first celebrity sighting. Jimmy Falon was pretty cool. He posed for me, and then did the Electric Slide.

If anyone watches this commercial, let me know what channel it's on... or when for that matter.

September 12, 2005

September 11, 2005

Twin Towers Light Memorial

September 17, 2005

Abstract Graffiti

I don't know who this is suppose to be. I just hope it's not some political dictator. Also, I posted the "Stop Bush" graffiti because it reminded me one of another tag that I saw in Florence, Italy that said "Bush is a terrorista." I don't know what to make of this form of medium.

Squirrel Wristband

SQUIRREL POWER!!! I believe it has the same power as Wonderwoman's bullet-proof bracelets, except this bracelet will unite all squirrels against wreckless drivers.

Visionaire - Part 01

This is the magazine that costs $170.00 an issue. It used to cost $80.00 an issue. If I had the money, I would probably subscribe. One of the issues is are die-cut mandalas and art work stuck loosely in foil colored pages.

Visionaire - Part 02

Another issue was just a scent one. Each page shows and image, and then you refer to the bottle of scent to smell it. The first page is an image of a glacier, and the perfume is the scent of what a glacier would smell like. The second scent and image is "Fetish." Another magazine is a a set of dolls that famous fashion designers painted. The dolls have special accessories.

Visionaire - Part 03

Mario Testino did the magazine of "Uncensored." One image is of a sewn figure (with red thread). The cover looks like it should be censored...

Visionaire - Part 04

There are illustrations printed on latex, a page of slides, and embossed dots (emulating brailled) drawn in a figure. Other pages, which I don't have images include a photograph of Giselle Bunchen, and an envelope on the opposite page containing a swatch of the sheet she is lying on in that photograph. The same goes for an undergarment a model cuts with scissors while wearing them. Cool stuff. I hope all graphic designers, artists, and creative people get inspired.

Visionaire - Part 05

Exhibited at the gallery were these hand cut images. Some of the pieces were 8.5 x 11 inches, and some were 4 x 5 feet.

September 24, 2005

Shampoozied? Ban Books? Stalk Celebrities?

Interesting messages...

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