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From Pickles to Posh Tour, Part 1

I went on the most interesting food tour. The tour guide was a faculty member from NYU's food department.


Our tour started at the "Doughnut Plant." The Doughnut Plant competes with West Coast's Krispy Kreme Dougnuts. The doughnuts coming out of this plant are more "yeast-y" (I guess that means chewy). We tried 3 flavored dougnuts: Peach, Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. The chocolate flavored one uses homemade chocolate, but of the 3, the best one was the Vanilla Bean. If you can picture tasting ice cream and waffles as a dougnut, that would be my description.


One or two stores to the right of "Dougnut Plant" is the Bially Bakery. I forgot the name of it, and don't have photos, but it's located on Norfolk & Grand, close to the "F" train stop at Essex & Delancy. The difference between a Bially and Bagel is in it's process. Bagels are usually boiled and then baked, while a Bially rises, and bakes. It's flatter than a bagel and is chewy, and does not have any hole in it. The definition of "Terre Noire" to be continued later,


Why are the pickle makers warring? The most famous pickle makers "Gus' Pickles" became offended when "The Pickle Guys" claimed the World's Best Pickles title. Since then the battle has become a Coke versus Pepsi Flavor War. We stopped at "The Pickle Guys" store and had a "Sour Pickle," "A Half-Sour Pickle," and some pickled vegetables. In order, this is how I ranked them:

1. Pickled Vegetables -> the peppercini pepper in that mix and cauliflower
2. The Sour Pickle
3. The Half-Sour Pickle

When you walk into that store, the smell of vinegar and pickles stir a craving. I was thinking for a business plan that a Korean Kim Chee connoisseur or chef should open one of these stores up, and in the barrels, instead of pickles, have different types of kim chee, like, Winter Kim Chee, Summer Kim Chee, Water Kim Chee, Bachelor Kim Chee, etc. I'm sure Korean people will flock to them. I'm not sure if the scent from this store would be offensive to the neighbors, but if there was a Korean restaurant next door, then...

Gus' Pickles was closed. Pickles and corned beef became popular in the 1930's because of issues with food preservation. I'm sure you assumed that.


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